My Honest Hotel Xcaret Arte Review, Tips & Promo Codes

Hotel Xcaret Arte review promo code

Are you looking for Hotel Xcaret Arte reviews to determine if it’s worth it?

As someone who has frequented Cancun and stayed at over 20 different hotels in the area, I can honestly say that Hotel Xcaret Arte holds a special place in my heart.

Before Hotel Xcaret Arte came into the picture, my go-to all-inclusive resort in Cancun was Hotel Xcaret Mexico. It ticked all the boxes for me, from its top-notch facilities and amenities to the incredibly friendly staff. However, there was one thing that prevented it from being the perfect couples’ getaway – it wasn’t adults-only.

That’s why when Hotel Xcaret Arte opened, it quickly became my favorite!

Not only does Hotel Xcaret Arte boast lush vegetation, suspension footbridges, and pristine white-sandy beaches, but it also features natural caves that will leave you in awe. The resort is a true paradise in terms of its photogenic landscapes. But let me tell you, there’s even more to this gem than meets the eye.

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Hotel Xcaret Review: Why It’s the Best All-Inclusive Resort for Couples in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

1. It is new!

This luxurious property was recently completed in 2021, so you won’t have to worry about staying in a room with outdated decor or dealing with any unsightly stains in the bathroom.

Everything is fresh and clean, ready for you to relax and enjoy your vacation. The attention to detail and commitment to quality is evident throughout the hotel, from the stylish guest rooms to the top-notch amenities and services.
Hotel Xcaret Arte Reviews - Room

2. All-Fun Inclusive Feature

That is to say, this adults-only all-inclusive resort will give you free access to the top attractions and activities in Cancun. In addition, roundtrip transportation to all these Xcaret parks and tours are free!

My Honest Hotel Xcaret Arte Review, Tips & Promo Codes

3. Reasonable Price

The price is very reasonable considering that it includes all food and beverages (unlimited alcoholic drinks), roundtrip transportation to Cancun International Airport (CUN), Xcaret parks and tours, as well as stellar facilities and services!

4. Luxury

Hotel Xcaret Arte comes with not only impressive infrastructure but also exquisite decor and layout. It has a private beach, 15 outdoor pools, and 3 swim-up bars. All suite-style soundproofed rooms have spa hot tubs (jacuzzi), memory foam beds, and high-quality bed linens. In addition, guests are also provided with bubble baths and bathrobes.

My Honest Hotel Xcaret Arte Review, Tips & Promo Codes

5. Exceptional Services

Similar to at Hotel Xcaret Mexico, you will receive exceptional services at Xcaret Arte, enabling you to feel pampered for your whole stay!

6. Prime Location in the heart of Riviera Maya

Hotel Xcaret Arte is next door to Hotel Xcaret Mexico. It’s 45 to 50 minutes south of Cancun International Airport (CUN) and north of Tulum. It is also only a 15-minute drive from Playa del Carmen.

Therefore, you can easily access Akumal, Tulum, and the strip of Fifth Avenue! In addition, the three parks XcaretXplor, and Xenses are so close to Xcaret Hotel that you will have more time to relax and enjoy the parks instead of enduring long rides!

7. Sceneries

Nestling between the jade Mayan jungle and the turquoise Caribbean sea, Hotel Xcaret Arte provides the perfect backdrop! Additionally, you can have your own adventure in this resort, discovering several coves, inlets, and caves.

My Honest Hotel Xcaret Arte Review, Tips & Promo Codes

8. Nature Calling

You may be able to spot birds and monkeys at Hotel Xcaret Arte, thanks to its location in the Mayan jungle!

9. Gastronomy

With ten restaurants and twelve bars, you will get your taste buds satisfied with cuisines from all over the world, whether it is regional Mexican recipes to contemporary vegan food.

If you have been wanting to try a Michelin-starred restaurant but haven’t been able to get a reservation in forever, come to Encanta at Hotel Xcaret Arte, a restaurant that is overseen by Chef Paco Méndez, a Michelin-starred Chef.

My Honest Hotel Xcaret Arte Review, Tips & Promo Codes

10. Cultural Experiences

There are five artistic and exclusive workshops at Hotel Xcaret Arte:
Weaving Workshop – learn to weave using a craft wooden loom!
Pottery Workshop – unleash your creativity to create a unique piece of porcelain!
Dance Workshop – perfect your salsa moves to shine at any Latin dance club!
Vegan Cooking Workshop – learn how to cook with flavors and textures similar to those of meat without animal consumption!
Painting Workshop – wake up your passion for arts and look for a new source of inspiration through this workshop!

Hotel Xcaret Arte review
Hotel Xcaret Review Casa de Los Artistas

What Is Included in Hotel Xcaret Arte All-Inclusive package?

Other than the All-Fun Inclusive Feature that I will explain below, Hotel Xcaret Arte includes all of the following amenities in its hotel cost:

  • Food and beverages in restaurants and bars (please note that Kibi-Kibi is exclusive to guests at Casa de los Artistas and Xaak requires an additional fee)
  • Cultural workshops (please note that Painting Workshop is exclusive for Casa de los Artistas guests)
  • Access to the yoga area and aerial yoga classes at Casa de la Paz
  • Non-motorized water sports – paddleboarding and kayaking
  • Nightly Shows at Forum Theater including jazz performances, Maya legends, and dancing fountains
  • Access to El Deseo (Desire) speakeasy bar with an atmosphere reminiscent of a New York jazz bar and live music every night
  • Access to main resort pool, beach and rooftop pools
  • Access to Casa del Patron that houses four premium restaurants, coffee bar, 24/7 fitness center, and boutiques.
  • Exchange privilages where guests can access the privileges at the sister hotel Hotel Xcaret Mexico, including access to its restaurants, bars, tennis court, and pools
  • Massages and spa treatments available at Muluk Spa with additional charge. Facilities include sauna, hot and cold jacuzzis, a cold room and pool, massage stalls in natural caves, a floatarium (zero-gravity area) with mud rooms and salt rooms, a temazcal (vapor house), a salon and a bridal suite.

What is Hotel Xcaret All-Fun Inclusive Feature?

Access to all of Grupo Xcaret parks, round trip transportation, food, and beverages at the parks are included in Hotel Xcaret Arte’s All-fun Inclusive program. You will enjoy all of the following parks and tours for free during your stay!

Tours Included

Xenotes: a visit to four types of cenotes (sinkholes): semi-open, the open gran cenote, ancient, and the cavern blue cenote. Even more exciting, these tours include assisted rappel, zip-lines, kayaking, exploration swimming, or cliff jumping.
Xichén (Chichen Itzá):
guided tour to the archaeological site of Chichen Itza and the beautiful city of Valladolid, including a buffet and a visit to Mayan cenote Zací.
guided tour to the Mayan ruins where you will have a chance to climb the tallest pyramid of the Yucatan Peninsula
guided tour to a beautiful walled city built on the seashore.

*Tours require advance reservations with the Guest Service Manager

hotel xcaret arte reviews

Xcaret Xailing Included

The All-Fun Inclusive Feature includes a round-trip ferry ticket to Isla Mujeres, an island that is known as Magical Town for its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and Mayan ruins.

Parks Included

Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Xplor, Xplor Fuego, Xavage, Xoximilco, and Xenses
These theme parks are developed and operated with a unique ecotourism concept. In other words, it will enable you to immerse yourself in exotic and natural environments. For more information on these parks, visit the article 31 Top Things to Do in Cancun.

*Transportation from the resort to Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Xplor, Xplor Fuego, Xavage, Xoximilco, and Xenses departs every 30 minutes but may be subject to change. It’s best to check with your Guest Service Manager in advance to make reservations if required.

Luxury under Budget aims at helping you get the best deals by maximizing the value of your time and money. My recommendations are based on first-hand experiences and the full analysis of costs vs. benefits. This post may contain affiliate links, but that does not affect any of my evaluations. If you do decide to make a purchase, I’d appreciate it if do so through my affiliate links to support my blog and enable me to provide more free and helpful content. Now, let’s go get you that luxury travel while staying under the budget!

If you book Hotel Xcaret Arte with my link, please fill out the form below to get a free Xcaret guide and the guest service manager’s contacts.

What Is the Difference Between Hotel Xcaret Mexico and Hotel Xcaret Arte?

Hotel Xcaret Mexico and Hotel Xcaret Arte are both owned by Grupo Xcaret; they have very similar layouts and both offer the All-Fun Inclusive Feature where you can access Xcaret parks and tours for free.

The main difference is that Hotel Xcaret Mexico caters to guests of all ages while Hotel Xcaret Arte is adults-only and requires a minimum age of 16 years old. In addition, Hotel Xcaret Arte offers different cultural workshops and aerial yoga classes.

Hotel Xcaret Arte guests have access to Hotel Xcaret Mexico, but not vice versa. If you want to have access to Hotel Xcaret Arte while staying in Hotel Xcaret Mexico, you will have to book a room in the adults-only section Casa Fuego.

Is Hotel Xcaret Arte Worth The Money?

For the many reasons that make it one of the best all-inclusive resorts for couples in Cancun, Mexico, Hotel Xcaret Arte is definitely worth it! Above all, it is the quality for the price!

Even though it is not cheap to stay here, the value makes up for the cost. While most of the other all-inclusive resorts in Cancun only include the meal plan, Hotel Xcaret Arte’s all-inclusive package includes all food and beverages (a variety of specialty restaurants and alcoholic drinks), round-trip transportation to Cancun International Airport (CUN), all parks, and tours, free antigen tests (PCR tests are available with extra fees), as well as exceptional facilities and services!

Since Xcaret excursions are quite expensive (average over $140 each), staying at Hotel Xcaret would be the most economical choice if you plan to explore more than two Xcaret parks or tours.

🏆 See the full comparison for Occidental Hotel at Destination, Hotel Xcaret Mexico, and Hotel Xcaret Arte.

I recommend a three to six-night stay for you to enjoy more parks and tours; but if you are on a budget and want to explore as much as you can, book a one-night stay at the end of your trip and use my suggested itineraries below.

Sample Xcaret Itineries & Savings

hotel xcaret arte reviews - cancun itineraries
hotel xcaret arte reviews - cancun itineraries
hotel xcaret arte reviews - cancun itineraries

Let’s see how the math works! For instance, if you pay $629 for a hotel night at Garden Suite and use my itinerary #1, you get a value of $1,029. In other words, you stay at this luxurious all-inclusive resort for free and save $400. You already save so much without using a promo code (so imagine how much more you can save even more with the promo codes below)! With this itinerary, staying at Xcaret Hotel will give you the best price, even cheaper than if you buy admissions tickets separately and stay at a crappy non-all-inclusive hotel.

Suggested Itineraries & Additional Tips

In this paragraph, I will share the same itineraries as above (for those who didn’t like seeing so many numbers) and some additional tips that will help you plan for the trip.

  1. Saving you $1,029 if you stay at Hotel Xcaret for 1 night:
    • Day 1: Xichen Deluxe and Xplor Fuego (remember to book ahead of time)
    • Day 2: Xcaret Park – accessible by boat or by shuttle every 30 minutes (schedules may change, please check with the receptionist, no need to book ahead)
  2. Saving you $995 if you stay at Hotel Xcaret for 1 night:
    • Day 1: Xichen Deluxe and Xplor Fuego (remember to book ahead of time)
    • Day 2: Tulum and Xelha Tour (remember to book ahead of time and make sure you finish checking out before going on the tour at 7 am if that is your last day)
  3. Saving you $925 if you stay at Hotel Xcaret for 1 night:
    • Day 1: Xcaret and Xplor Fuego (The night show at Xcaret ends at 9 pm. After that, you can visit Xplor Fuego till it closes at 11:30 pm. Alternatively, you can leave after the first intermission. Just don’t miss the first part of the Xcaret night show because they have some ancient Mayan games that are really cool to watch!)
    • Day 2: Tulum and Xelha Tour (remember to book ahead of time)
My Honest Hotel Xcaret Arte Review, Tips & Promo Codes

How Many Pools Does Hotel Xcaret Arte Have?

Hotel Xcaret Arte has 15 outdoor pools, out of which the most impressive one is the glass tunnel pool that is exclusively available for guests at Casa de Los Artistas.

What Does Casa at Hotel Xcaret Mean?

When you try to book a room at Hotel Xcaret Arte, you will see that the rooms are divided into different “casas”, which means houses or buildings. Different Casas in Hotel Xcaret Arte comes with different perks and benefits, as you can find below:

  • Casa de los Artistas
    • Casa de los Artistas is closest to the Caribbean Sea. It is an exclusive experience for guests ages 18 and older. Amenities include a Painting Workshop, an oceanfront rooftop pool and snack bar, a 24/7 gym, Kibi-Kibi restaurant and its own reception area. All of these are exclusive for Casa de los Artistas guests.
  • Casa de la Pirámide
    • Casa de la Pirámide has spectacular views of the on-property river and Xpiral pyramid. Its amenities include the Xaak restaurant, a Pottery Workshop, a rooftop pool and bar with a partial ocean view.
  • Casa de la Música
    • Casa de la Musica is home to the Encanta restaurant. It amenities include a musical rooftop pool, a bar with a view of the Mayan jungle and the Xpiral Pyramid, a Dance Workshop as well as performances in the Forum Theater.
  • Casa de la Paz
    • Casa de la Paz focuses on wellness and peacefulness. Each suite features a terrace with volcanic stone bathtubs. Its amenities include a literature workshop, Muluk Spa, and a yoga area that offers aerial yoga (yoga using hammocks).
  • Casa del Diseño
    • Casa del Diseño celebrates Mexico’s colorful textile tradition with a Weaving Workshop. Amenities include oceanfront rooftop pool, snackbar, foyer and gift shop. The adjacent Cayuco restaurant is surrounded by the resort’s main infinity pool.
  • Casa del Patron
    • Casa del Patron holds a business center, two convention rooms, social areas, a 24/7 fitness center and four restaurants. This casa is deal for business meetings and weddings

Which Room Should You Book at Hotel Xcaret Arte?

Hotel Xcaret Arte has 900 suites available in four categories: Garden, Oceanfront, Ocean View, and River. Each category has several subcategories such as Adults, Spa, Swim-Up, Junior, Master, and Presidential.

If you are on a honeymoon or anniversary trip and want to spend more time at the resort rather at the parks, I would recommend the following rooms:

River Spa Junior Suite Room

Available in Casa de la Paz, the River Spa Junior Suite has an amazing view of the emerald river and offers access to the Muluk Spa where you can get free hydrotherapy. If you stay for three or more nights at a junior suite, you will receive a complimentary 50-mite massage for two.

River Master Suite

Available in Casa de la Musica and Casa de la Piramide, the room includes:

  • 50-minute massage for two (a minimum stay of three nights is required)
  • Access to the Rooftop with private pool
  • 90-minute body wrap treatment for two people, per stay (subject to availability in a minimum stay of 3 nights)
  • Free ironing service (2 pieces per stay per room)
  • Private pick up at the airport

Swim Up Oceanfront Adultos Room

Available in Casa de Los Artistas, this room offers a private swimming pool accessible right from your terrace. In addition to having beautiful ocean views, you will enjoy access to exclusive perks that are only available to guests staying at Casa De Los Artistas such as painting workshops, an additional specialty restaurant that comes with extra cost to other hotel guests (Kibi-Kibi), Casa Fuego at Hotel Xcaret Mexico, and other exclusive areas such as the rooftop tunnel glass pool.

If the Swim Up Oceanfront Adultos is not available, you can consider other rooms in Casa De Los Artistas such as swim-up oceanfront diseño, junior ocean front, river suite adultos, and oceanfront suite adultos, in order to enjoy its exclusive perks. If you plan to spend more time at the resorts than at the Xcaret parks and tours, staying at Casa De Los Artistas is worth its extra price tag, considering its exclusive fine dining options and beautiful rooftop tunnel glass pool.

Hotel Xcaret Review Casa de Los Artistas
Casa De Los Artistas
Hotel Xcaret Arte review
Garden View

However, if you plan to use my suggested itineraries to maximize the value per dollar, I would recommend getting the Garden Suite. There is no point in upgrading for a more expensive room if you will spend most of the time at the parks or on the tours. Even the most basic rooms feel lavish and comfortable with contemporary design and the following amenities:

  • Minibar and snack baskets
  • Mexican decoration
  • Premium organic amenities
  • Pullout sofá and coffee table
  • Jacuzzi in the room
  • Nespresso® coffee machine – makes excellent coffee actually!
  • 300 thread Egyptian cotton sheets
  • Gel and false feather pillows
  • Ceramics hairdryer
  • Digital safe box with inner laptop size charger
  • Umbrella
  • Beach bag
  • Traditional Mexican hammocks on the balcony
My Honest Hotel Xcaret Arte Review, Tips & Promo Codes

Why Is Hotel Xcaret Arte The Best Honeymoon All-Inclusive Resort for couples in Cancun, Mexico?

Firstly, you will have a collection of unique honeymoon photos! Ditch the boring sand and sea frames that a gazillion of honeymooners have posted on social media and opt for the distinctive coves and inlets!

Secondly, you have the perfect backup plan at your fingertips! Many couples set out for a romantic relaxing honeymoon only to find themselves bored to death after a couple of days. Some even have fallouts in the middle of a honeymoon because of the stress from trying to book last-minute tours and activities. This won’t happen to you at Hotel Xcaret Arte as there are plenty of on-site activities and theme parks available! If your adventurous spirits get tired of sitting on the beach drinking margaritas all day, just hop on the boat to Xcaret or an ATV to Xplor! You can also spontaneously switch from a relaxing honeymoon to an adventurous one or vice versa without any hassles!

Last but not least, you will be pampered from the moment you walk in till the moment you walk out! Enjoy your honeymoon like kings and queens with every detail taken care of. If you buy the photo package, you can walk around the resorts and find multiple camera stations that can capture your precious moments just like professional photographers.

This place will surely give you a memorable experience for a lifetime!

My Honest Hotel Xcaret Arte Review, Tips & Promo Codes

Hotel Xcaret Arte Promo Codes

Since the hotel is brand new, it comes with many promotions and discounts. Here is how you can book Hotel Xcaret best prices:

1. Book through Hotel Xcaret Arte Website

✔️Hotel Xcaret Arte Official Website

The best Hotel Xcaret’s prices are typically the early booking rates available six to ten months before your travel dates. If you miss that prime window, no worries, Hotel Xcaret occasionally offers promotions about one to three months in advance, so you can check my Travel Deals page or subscribe for the most updated promotions.

2. Compare prices with third-party booking sites

✔️Hotel Price Check with Booking.com

✔️Hotel Price Check with Agoda

3. Book Hotel Xcaret through a timeshare presentation

Technically, you will be trading your time for a 20% to 40% discount on a Hotel Xcaret stay. Please read below for more details on getting the discount through a timeshare presentation with the Mexico Destination/Vacation Club.

Don’t forget to grab my guide on how to get out of a timeshare presentation fast!

Mexico Destination Club – Xcaret Timeshare Membership

Like many other luxury resorts in Cancun, Hotel Xcaret also has the timeshare/residence club/vacation club program. Even though they go by different names, they are technically the same things.

The typical discount rate on a presentation is 20-25%. However, Hotel Xcaret Arte is currently having an additional promotion of 20%, bringing the total savings up to 40% off. You can potentially save thousands of dollars for a multi-day trip! Nevertheless, I strongly recommend you to understand what timeshare presentation is before you book.

I generally do not recommend a timeshare presentation unless that is the only way for you to afford such a luxury trip. In my opinion, the discount for a timeshare presentation is only worth your time if you stay for more than 5 days and save over $1,000.

The only thing in exchange is you have to do a “90-minute timeshare presentation”. The problem is: it never ends in 90 minutes. Unless you can lock down thousands of dollars for a membership which is basically a commitment to come back or send people there every year, you will end up losing at least half a day listening to the extremely high-pressured sales pitch.

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The Wrap Up: Hotel Xcaret Arte Reviews

One may argue that any luxury all-inclusive resorts in Cancun, Mexico would be perfect for couples. However, when it comes to value for money, Hotel Xcaret is hard to beat with the All-Fun Inclusive Feature. Staying at Hotel Xcaret will actually be cheaper than staying at a regular hotel and scrambling your head trying to book tickets and transportations to any Cancun attractions.

Other than that, each hotel room has a jacuzzi and a balcony with a hammock that would be perfect for couples to relax after a long day of exploring. Unlike other all-inclusive hotels which limit choices of alcoholic beverages, Hotel Xcaret offers a wide range of specialty drinks and cocktails.

❤️Don’t forget to grab your guest service manager’s contact & transportation info when you used my affiliate links ❤️

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    Any sport activities on the premises?

    1. Hi Jill, Xcaret has a night show till 9 pm and Xplor has night zipline & ATV activities till 11 pm. When we got back to the hotel it was pretty late so there wasn’t much going on at the resorts. There are lots of watersports activities available at the resorts, but I think it’s pretty quiet at night.

    2. There is a hidden “speakeasy” bar at Arte that people say is a fun place to go to. Nightlife seems to be generally quiet at the Xcaret hotels since most people are tired after a full day of play at the parks or taking tours.

      We’ve not been yet but have our vacation to HXM booked for May. We can’t wait!

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