Priceline Express Deals Hack: Reveal Hotel Name Before Booking

Priceline Express Deals Hotels Revealed - Priceline Hack

Priceline Express Deals can be a great way to save money on travel accommodations, but the catch is that you won’t know the hotel name until after you book. This lack of transparency can be frustrating, especially if you have specific preferences or requirements for your hotel stay. But don’t worry – I have a Priceline hack that will help you uncover the mystery and make an informed decision before you commit to a booking.

In this guide, I’ll show you a simple trick for revealing the hotel name on Priceline Express Deals. With this hack, you’ll be able to find out the hotel’s name in just a few easy steps. It will be a game changer for those who want to take advantage of the deep discounts but are afraid of the uncertainty.

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What are Priceline Express Deals?

Priceline Express Deals are a feature offered by the travel booking website Priceline.com that allows users to book discounted hotel rooms at up to 60% off the regular rate. If you’re tired of overpaying for hotel rooms, it’s a good idea to consider using Priceline Express Deals.

When you book an Express Deal, you get to choose from a selection of top hotels based on your desired location, amenities, and price. Priceline will show you the neighborhood and the amenities of each hotel before you book. However, the catch is that you won’t find out the name of the exact hotel you’ll be staying at until after you’ve completed the reservation and made the payment.

There are usually different price points available depending on the room type you choose, but you’ll often get the biggest savings by selecting the option to have your room assigned at check-in.

Express Deal hotel bookings are non-refundable, so it’s important to be certain of your travel plans before booking. Of course, there is some risk involved with non-refundable bookings, but as the saying goes, no risk, no reward. I find Express Deals to be a great choice for last-minute stays when you know for sure that you’ll need a room.

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How to Reveal Priceline Express Deals Hotels Before Booking

Are you looking to score a great deal on a hotel room but hesitant to book with Priceline Express Deals because you don’t know which hotel you’ll get? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! By following these simple steps, you will be able to reveal the hotel before booking and score the perfect room for your trip.

1. Go to Priceline Website

Priceline Express Deals Hotels Revealed

Go directly to Priceline Hotels here. In the search bar, enter your desired location, the number of rooms, the number of people, and the check-in/check-out dates. Then click “Find Your Hotel”.

2. Sort by “Lowest Price” and Add the Filters you desire

priceline hack to reveal priceline express deals hotels

Priceline‘s default option is to sort by “Recommended” but you should change it to sort by “Lowest Price” and add other filters that you desire. For example, I’d like Priceline to show only hotels that are 5 stars. As you can see in the picture, Priceline now shows two hotels back to back, an unknown 5-Star Hotel Express Deal at $55 and Delano Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay for $83.

3. Fact check to verify the hotel’s name with these simple tricks

priceline hack hotel express deals revealed

Just by quickly looking at the two options above, I can already tell that Delano Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay is indeed the 5-Star Express Deal Hotel. It fits all the criteria: located in the Strip – Southwest, has over 600 reviews, and has 8+ guest ratings. However, you can further double-check to verify the hotel’s name by looking at the pictures of the hotel.

For this example, I only show one filter (5-star hotels), but you can add more filters for amenities (e.g, free parking), property themes (e.g, luxury or comfort), set your budget (e.g, $50 to $100). The more filters you have, the easier it is to narrow down the hotel choices and be more certain.

And that’s it! With these simple tips, you’ll be able to snag a discounted room at a top-rated hotel without any surprises!

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Priceline Express Deals FAQs

❓How do Priceline Express Deals work?

Priceline Express Deals work by allowing users to book discounted hotel rooms at a heavily discounted rate. When booking an Express Deal, users first select their desired location, Priceline then suggests a selection of hotels that meet the criteria and shows the basic amenities included, without showing the name of the hotel.

To book an Express Deal, you can search for hotels on the Priceline website and select the “Express Deals” option. You will then be asked to enter your desired location, travel dates, and other criteria, such as the number of guests and the type of room you want.

Once you have entered this information, Priceline will display a list of available hotels that meet the criteria, along with the discounted rate for each hotel.

Simply select the hotel and rate that you want and follow the prompts to complete the booking. Once you have made the payment, the exact Priceline Express Deals hotel will be revealed.

You will not be able to cancel or change the bookings once they are made, so it is important to make sure that the booking is accurate before confirming it.

❓Are Priceline Express Deals Worth it?

Priceline Express Deals are absolutely worth it if you don’t mind the uncertainty and are flexible with your accommodations. If you are willing to take a chance at the hotel you’ll be staying at in exchange for a discounted rate, you will enjoy great discounts.

Especially with the Priceline hack that I showed you above, you will be able to reveal the Priceline Express Deals hotel before booking and minimize the risks. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these discounts come with certain restrictions, such as non-refundable booking fees and the inability to change or cancel your reservation.

It’s important to carefully consider these restrictions before booking a Priceline Express Deal.

❓How to get Priceline Express Deals Promo Codes?

Priceline has “Insider Coupons”, which are Express Deal Coupons sent to your inbox after every trip you’ve booked on Priceline. They typically range from 5% to 10%, depending on the number of trips you’ve taken with Priceline.

❓How to Cancel Priceline Express Deals Hotels?

Canceling a Priceline Express Deal hotel reservation can be a hassle, as these deals are non-cancellable. However, it is not completely impossible to cancel your reservation.

Here are the steps you can take to try to cancel a Priceline Express Deals hotel reservation:

📞Call Priceline customer service: Explain that you would like to cancel your reservation and ask if they can assist with getting the hotel to cancel the booking.
📞Call the hotel: Ask to cancel your reservation and take note of the name of the staff member you speak with if they agree with the cancellation
📞Contact Priceline customer service again: Provide the name of the staff member you spoke with at the hotel and ask if they will honor the hotel’s cancellation of your reservation.

It’s important to note that there is no guarantee that you will be able to successfully cancel your Priceline Express Deals hotel reservation, as these deals are non-cancellable. However, following these steps may increase your chances of being able to cancel your reservation.

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The Wrap-Up: Priceline Hack – Priceline Express Deals Hotels Revealed

Many people are hesitant to book Priceline Express Deals because they don’t know which hotel they’ll be staying at until after they book. This uncertainty can be a risk for travelers who have specific requirements for their hotel or prefer the peace of mind of knowing exactly where they’ll be staying.

However, with the tips and tricks I shared above, you can reveal the hotel before booking and minimize this risk. By following these simple steps, you can make an informed decision about whether a Priceline Express Deal is right for you, knowing exactly which hotel you’ll be staying at and what to expect from your accommodations.

I hope these tips have been helpful in showing you how to navigate the process of booking a Priceline Express Deal and make the most of these discounted rates. Whether you choose to book a Priceline Express Deal or opt for a different type of accommodation, I hope you have a memorable and enjoyable trip. Happy travels!

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