Mexico Power Outlet: What Plug Do You Need in Mexico?

mexico power outlet and plug

Are you getting ready for your trip to Mexico and wondering what type of plug is used in the country? This is an essential piece of information for any traveler, as Mexico power outlets and voltages may be different from what you are used to. But don’t let this small detail ruin your vacation!

In this blog post, I will give you an in-depth look at power outlets used in Mexico. You will learn how to avoid potential damage to your electronic devices and prepare with the right plug adapters and converters.

Let’s dive in and get you to stress-free vacation experience in Mexico!

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Mexico power outlet vs us vs canada

What Type of Plug is Used in Mexico?

The power outlets in Mexico are prevalently two types: Type A and Type B. Type A outlets feature two flat parallel pins while type B outlets possess two flat parallel pins and a round grounding pin. A Type A plug is versatile and can be inserted into both Type A and Type B outlets, but a Type B plug can only be used in Type B outlets.

When traveling to Mexico with devices that use Type B plugs, it’s always best to come prepared with a plug adapter that can convert from Type B to Type A. While most modern hotels located in popular Mexican cities and beach towns will have Type A outlets, you may want to bring a power adapter, particularly when visiting more rural areas or staying in local Airbnbs.

By bringing a universal plug adapter, you can ensure your devices remain charged without interruption during your trip.

Mexico Power Outlet vs. Us vs. Canada Power Outlet

The power outlets in Mexico are quite standard in North America, which is consistent with the plug standard used in the United States and Canada. This means that if you bring electronic devices from the US and Canada to Mexico, you will most likely not need a travel adapter to make them fit properly in Mexico’s sockets.

If you have appliances from other countries that utilize different plug configurations, you will need to obtain a travel adapter and possibly a voltage converter in order to use them in Mexico.

travel adapter and voltage converter needed for EU UK plugs to fit mexico power outlet

One issue you may encounter in Mexico is a lack power outlets in hotel rooms, or outlets that are positioned inconveniently far from the bed. That’s why I still make sure to bring a universal travel adapter with me on all my trips to Mexico, despite coming from the United States and knowing that US plugs would fit Mexico’s sockets.

With both my husband and I needing to charge our watches, phones, and laptops, we would quickly run out of outlets to use. However, by bringing the a travel adapter with USB ports, we are able to charge multiple devices simultaneously and avoid this inconvenience.

Don’t let incompatible plugs or the lack of power outlets ruin your vacation. Purchase a universal travel adapter with extra ports on Amazon now to ensure that all your devices stay charged, no matter where your adventures take you!

Mexico Voltage and Frequency

Mexico generally utilizes a voltage in the range of 110-120 volts and a frequency of 60 Hz, which is the same as that of the United States and Canada. Consequently, electronic devices intended for use in North America will function seamlessly in Mexican electrical outlets.

Voltage Converter for Mexico: Is it necessary?

When planning to use electronic devices in Mexico, it is crucial to first determine their voltage compatibility. If your devices are designed for use in North America, then they will likely work properly in Mexico without a voltage converter.

Devices manufactured for use in Europe or other countries with a higher voltage (such as 220V-240V) may require a voltage converter in order to function safely in Mexico.

However, many devices now have a dual voltage capability, which is indicated by the device having a voltage range listed on it, such as 110V-220V or 100V-240V. These are considered “dual voltage” or “world-wide voltage” devices and can be used with a simple travel adapter in Mexico.

It is always recommended to check the voltage requirements of your device before using it in Mexico, if unsure it is best to use a voltage converter to ensure the device operates at the appropriate voltage and frequency.

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Travel Adapter vs. Voltage Converter: What’s the Difference?

A travel adapter and a voltage converter are two different types of devices that are used for different purposes when traveling with electronic devices.

A travel adapter is a device that allows you to plug your electronic devices into outlets in foreign countries. It changes the shape of the plug so that it can fit into the outlets of the country you are visiting. It does not convert the voltage or frequency of the electricity.

A voltage converter, on the other hand, is a device that changes the voltage of the electricity coming from the outlet to match the voltage requirements of your electronic device. It’s crucial to check the device if its dual voltage or not, as if a device is designed for 220V, but you plug it into a 110V outlet without a voltage converter, it will overheat, get damaged and may even cause a fire hazard.

Don’t waste money on buying travel adapter and voltage converter separately. If you travel a lot and know you’re going to need both at some point, purchase the 2-in-1 travel adapter and voltage converter instead!

Mexico Power Outlets FAQs

Here, you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding power outlets in Mexico.

Is Mexico’s electrical outlet the same as in the US & Canada?

The electrical outlets used in Mexico are the same type as those used in the United States and Canada, which are Type A and Type B. This means that devices using the standard US and Canada plug configuration will fit into the outlets in Mexico without the need for an adapter.

Do I need to bring an adapter to Mexico?

If you are planning to use electronic devices from the United States or Canada in Mexico, then you do not need to bring a travel adapter. However, if your devices are from other countries with different plug configurations, you may need to bring a travel adapter to fit the different outlet shape. It’s important to check the voltage requirement of your device before your trip, in case you need a voltage converter as well.

Can I charge my Iphone in Mexico?

It is possible to charge your iPhone in Mexico, as long as the charger is designed for use in the United States or Canada. Many modern phone and cell phone chargers are dual voltage, which means they can work with the voltage used in Mexico without requiring a voltage converter. Another option is that many modern hotels in Mexico now provide USB ports for charging devices, which eliminates the need for a travel adapter.

Can I use my laptop charger in Mexico?

If your laptop charger is designed for use in North America, it should function without the need for additional adapters or voltage converters while you’re in Mexico. However, if your laptop charger was manufactured for use in Europe or another region with a different plug configuration, you will need a travel adapter. Many laptop chargers now are dual voltage, but be sure to check the voltage range that is mentioned on it before connecting it in Mexico. If it is not dual voltage, make sure to use a voltage converter for charging your laptop in Mexico

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